Why base your 2020 revenue projections on 2017 data? Get real-time PDGM analysis using your own current data. Call us today for an exclusive sample analysis.


Real-time PDGM Analysis

Our proprietary diagnostic tools enable us to provide your agency with an analysis of how PDGM will impact your revenue based on 2019 patient data.



With this data, we can help you identify process improvement strategies to make sure that you are prepared for full implementation in 2020.


3 vital steps to ensure your agency’s success under PDGM:


From intake to scheduling to clinical discharge and revenue collection, your entire staff must understand how their current responsibilities will change.


Accurate coding is absolutely vital to the success of your agency. The complexities of PDGM require top notch coding. Now more than ever, you need experts.


There’s no time to waste! Plan ahead so that you aren’t behind your competitors.


It looks complicated because it is.

In one study, we found that HHRG payment changes from 2019 rates to projected 2020 rates under PDGM range 140% from best to worst case. In the previous five years, this range has averaged 10.1%.

HealthCare Strategies provides full spectrum solutions for everything from intake process refinement, to educating clinical staff on functional status evaluations, and period billing. Working together, your agency CAN succeed!

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