The biggest change to home health in 2o years, PDGM requires educated staff, comprehensive process review, prospective utilization management and financial and administrative reporting that facilitates responsible management of your data and your agency.



HealthCare Strategies has a proven track record of working with hospital-based and free-standing agencies to improve operational and financial performance without jeopardizing patient care. 


Management, Consulting & Education

Our customized solutions assist agencies in:

  • Maintaining accurate financial reporting

  • Identifying areas of risk

  • Developing plans to maximize reimbursement under PPS

  • Developing other payer-specific plans

  • Improving back office processes

  • Strengthening the revenue cycle

  • Providing chart audits and clinical education to improve documentation

HCS will set goals and measure your success to maximize financial outcomes:

  • Strategic & business plan development

  • Operational & financial analysis

  • Information systems consulting

  • Financial planning & assessments

Using a proprietary financial model, HCS can isolate areas of risk or failure and work with your agency to engineer plans for future success.


It all starts with a call or a click.


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Agencies are often unaware of profitability by payer category, by county, by physician or by individual payer.  Focus and improvement on even the most costly cases may often result in turning a loss into a profit and/or increasing overall profitability.

I just got a letter from Connolly regarding the RAC audits we had pending:
No withholding on any of them! YEA. Thank you, Health Care Strategies (for helping us with audit tools, software, etc to navigate these waters!
— Susie, Lincoln Medical Home Health and Hospice