HCS Connect™
for Home Health

Home Health is unique in the healthcare industry with some of the most complex regulations and diverse patient care requirements.  In order to be successful in today’s Home Health environment, you need a comprehensive understanding of multiple clinical disciplines, regulatory compliance, varied reimbursement models, and much more.  HCS Connect™ for Home Health, featuring ConnectOffice™ and ConnectMobile™, is the one tool that can efficiently and effectively manage the diverse requirements of home health and support the agency with knowledge required to make informed and proactive decisions.

HCS Connect™ is a user-friendly, windows-based platform which is scalable to support unlimited users and patient records.

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  • An efficient intake process from built-in eligibility verification through to scheduling

  • Complete EMR with the ability to scan paper documents to the patient electronic record

  • Billing for all claim types, e-transmissions and frequencies

  • Exportable (Excel®, PDF®, Word®) streamlined reports

  • Programmers and IT support staff who listen and welcome input when enhancing software functionality

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  • The ability to work disconnected from the internet

  • Full access to the schedule and entire patient chart, even when working disconnected

  • Safely “sync” over public WIFI while maintaining HIPAA security

  • Includes faxing capability and internal messaging

  • IT support available to connect directly to your laptop and provide support

The HCS Connect™ software platform, featuring ConnectOffice™ and ConnectMobile™, was developed and is refined by HCS professionals who have worked in the industry and understand all facets of home health and hospice.

We are switching to HCS Connect™ by HealthCare Strategies out of Chattanooga. It is easy to use and our clinicians are in love with it. The end of month reports and the data that the system can give us is multifaceted and detailed. Our finance team has also commented on the great things it will provide them.
— Therese, Atmore Community Home Care