With ever changing regulations and reimbursement models, one of the biggest struggles facing home health and hospice agencies is to remain financially viable.  HealthCare Strategies has a proven track record of working with hospital-based and free-standing agencies to improve operational and financial performance without jeopardizing patient care.  Our customized solutions assist agencies in maintaining accurate financial reporting, identifying areas of risk, targeting areas of loss, developing plans to maximize reimbursement under PPS, developing other payer specific plans, improving back office processes, and strengthening the revenue cycle.

Using our proprietary financial model, we can isolate areas of risk or failure and work with your agency to engineer plans for future success.  HealthCare Strategies partners with your agency to identify, address, and overcome issues such as:

  • Increasing aged accounts receivable
  • Backlog of incomplete documentation
  • Decreasing census and referral loss
  • Over-utilization of services or supplies
  • Reduced productivity and staffing problems
  • Revenue reductions and out of control expense
  • Labor cost out of line with revenue

Don’t continue suffering from financial or operational issues. 
Allow HealthCare Strategies to partner with you and start building a plan for your future.



 Agencies are often unaware of profitability by payer category, and almost never know profitability by county, by physician or by individual payer.  When improvement on 2-3% of the most costly cases can often double profits or turn losses to profits, this information is a necessity.