ICD-10 Coding / OASIS Review

Maintaining qualified and well trained Home Health and Hospice coders can be one of the biggest burdens a homecare agency faces. 

With new conditions of participation, updated codes, and ever changing regulations, providing training and education necessary to keep nursing staff up-to-date can quickly become a burden to the agency’s bottom line.  In addition, when a clinician is in the home, their focus should be solely on the care of the patient and not side tracked by coding and compliance concerns. These concerns, along with the documentation workload, greatly diminish a clinician’s productivity. Finally, coding performed by improperly trained or distracted clinical staff can cost your agency in reimbursement, delayed billing and compliance risk.

Outsourcing your coding with Healthcare Strategies helps remove these burdens from your agency.

  • All HCS coders are ICD-10 and OASIS certified; we even have hospice certified coders.
  • HCS coders receive training throughout the year to stay up to date on the latest changes in the industry.
  • HCS coders focus only on your ICD-10 Coding and OASIS review, giving them time to properly research and fully understand each case they code.
  • Our OASIS review is a complete review and not just a review of a few questions.
  • Work performed by HCS coders receives quarterly and random audits to ensure the highest standard in accuracy and compliance.
  • HCS coders are cross-trained in multiple EHR systems and are backed by a team of IT specialists to ensure they can work with any medical record software.

In addition to a dedicated and trained staff to help ease your compliance burdens, outsourced coding with HCS helps:

  • Reduce agency costs associated with maintaining qualified coding staff
  • Improve productivity by removing the added burden of coding and OASIS review, and allowing clinicians to increase their scheduled visits; thereby helping to improve agency HHCHAPS and increase agency profitability
  • Remove the risk of downtime due to turnover in coding staff or other absences
  • Ensure the accuracy of reimbursement
  • Timely release of claims with over 96% of clean cases completed in 24 hours or less
  • Educate and train agency staff with continued feedback and recommendations from our coders and coding managers

When partnering with HCS for coding services, you will receive free unlimited access to our proprietary coding software, CodesManager™. CodesManager™ provides a secure portal for communication between the agency and HCS and secure submission of documentation. The portal also provides up-to-date information on the status of cases, allowing the agency to track and monitor coding process.

See how outsourced coding with HCS can help your agency:

  • Reduce compliance risk
  • Enhance clinician satisfaction
  • Increase productivity
  • Maintain greater accuracy in the individualize plan of care and OASIS
  • Achieve higher star measures and quality
  • Improve profitability.


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